Anouk pointing woodcock. Hunting season 1991.

Iíve been hunting Ruffed Grouse and Woodcocks with pointing dogs for over 42 years. 

I usually practice my hunting activities alone, but occasionally I will be in the company of a friend. Iíve been hunting Scolopax Minor all over the Province of Quebec. I normally hunt within my area. 

What I like most, is to explore new potential areas for Woodcocks. In 1984, I was approached by A.Y. Croteau in order to take part in a small documentary on Woodcock hunting.

Iíve also been to France twice to hunt Scolopax Rusticola. 

The European Woodcock is physically different than the North American one, it is as big as a Pigeon. Itís back side is a light brown. Its flight pattern is similar to that of an Owl.

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Iíve been keeping records of all my Woodcock hunting activities since 1971.

During hunting season, I always carry a pocket recorder which allows me to describe the following information: Dates, hunting grounds, hunting partner, dog work, shootings, type of game encountered and my general comments of the day.

All of this information will be transferred to my log book at the end of each hunting season. This practice has allowed me to maintain dataís with a high level of accuracy.

I also keep some of the 90 minute tapes that remind me of special hunting days.

In the spring of 1979, I founded the "Club des bťcassiers du Quebec.Ē a Woodcock club in Quebec.

From time to time, I write articles pertaining to Woodcock hunting for some magazines in Quebec, France, and Spain.

Wild Bird Training:

I train my dogs exclusively on wild birds, there is simply no substitute for training on wild birds, where experience means everything. Thatís especially true for grouse and woodcock dogs.

Wild birds are the secret of turning a nice prospect into a great bird dog.

First Braque Francais in North America. Fall 1979

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