Why did I choose a Braque Francais?

The Braque Français was unknown in America until 1976. I did a study on the breed based on documentation I received from France, and also through reading hunting and training books that were imported from France.

Commentaries that I gathered through that documentation on the Braque Français (the Gascogne type and the Pyrénées type ) really did represent what I was looking for.

General aspect : Strong build , resistant & elegant.

Hunting aptitudes: The Braque Français is a versatile dog that can be worked on any kind of habitat. The breed has a very strong pointing instinct and is also a natural retriever. Most of the subjects are also dogs that will back naturally. It can be hunted all day without showing any signs of fatigue. In its native land, the temperature during hunting season can reach up to 100 degrees, but that doesn't stop the braque Français. It will still carry on all day. The Braque Français performs also very well in cold weather .

As they say in its country, the Braque Français is born half train. The breed is very intelligent and wants to please its master .With all the natural qualities that the dog possesses, you have very little to do.

One natural instinct that really impresses me, is the tracking ability that the breed possesses. I am a grouse and woodcock hunter. Those birds have a reputation of being dodge masters . With all these positive criteria's, the Braque Français has demonstrated everything I was looking for in a hunting dog.

The key is to get a dog that has a good genetic line.

Michel Gélinas


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         Last Update: December 24, 2014