Woodcock deformities

                   Did you ever bag woodcocks with anomalies?
This picture shows anomaly on woodcock having an injury on top of her superior mandible. I presume she was wounded by shot? Michel Gélinas.

                                                                                             Old injury on its left foot, the middle toe had no nail and the
                                                                                             outter toe was partly missing.  09/20/05   Michel Gélinas.


One white nail. Oct 17-2012. Courtesy: Jamie Lank. Nova Scotia.  

One finger hooked. Courtesy: Guy Joyner Memphis, TN, USA 

Phalanx amputated by shot? Courtesy: Pierre Marmen

Old injury nail cut by shot? . 11/07/1982  Michel Gélinas

Female adult. One-legged cut by a shot? Courtesy: A.Quintal

One shot under the skin. Michel Gélinas

  Leg wound by shots. Abundance of blood and down stick.Michel Gélinas 

Maybe fractured by lead and leg become fused. Michel Gélinas 

Tarsus (leg) cut by a shot? Become fused. Courtesy: Linda Gallagher. Michigan


Edge eye of this american woodcock seems bare why?Michel Gélinas 

                                                                                   Old injury. October 20-2008. This leg dried holds only by strips of flesh.
                                                                                   This w/c flew normally. Courtesy: Jacques Catellier.(Quebec)        

                                                                                I took this woodcock on 10/17/03 and noticed it's foot was off on an angle.
                                                                                It also has missing nails, only 1 toe has a nail. I am unable to tell if it was caused
                                                                                by shot or just a natural defect. Courtesy:Mr. Edward Alsteens.  Michigan

It may have been caused by shot? Courtesy:Mr. Edward Alsteens. Michigan

                                                                              I took this woodcock on friday 10/24/03 in Plainfield NY. Approx.wt. 175 grams.
                                                                              Length of bill 7.25 cm (female) "central finger" (two phalanxes missing) 
                                                                              Courtesy: Mr. Joel Layaw. NY

Woodcock shot on December 31, 2008.Courtesy: Mr. Steve Pellessier. Louisiana.


I shot this bird in central Minnesota October 29th 2016. Adrian

                Left leg broken in 3 different places, even with this handicap. 
      It did not stop this w/c run before flying !!
oct 12-2014
Courtesy: Yannick Ganet,


                                                                                                             This Woodcock has a ruptured ligament.
                                                                                                             Mont-Laurier, Quebec sep-21-2015
                                                                                                             Courtesy: Nicanor Fernandez 

                                                                        This bird appears to have been shot previously; with a shot partially severing the leg. 
                                                                        Note the discoloration of the toes as the effect of the wound began to manifest itself. 
                                                                        The first thing I noticed about this bird was how thin it was. Obviously, the wound 
                                                                        was having an effect on its feeding activities. 
                                                                        Januay 4, 2012 Courtesy: Mr. Steve Pellessier. Louisiana 

                                                                       This bird appears to have had a broken leg, possibly from having been shot previously, 
                                                                       that has healed. He appears to have been walking on the top of his foot and his nails 
                                                                       are much longer than normal from not contacting the ground. He appeared to have been 
                                                                       in good health otherwise. fall 2011.Ontario Canada. Courtesy: be2man  

First phalanx wounded, it may have been caused by shot? Caked with mud. Michel Gelinas


Fall - 2013-10-26  Michel Gelinas  


Michel Gelinas

                                                                    The anomaly on the left member with the elbow on the inside at the tarso-metatarsal level, 
                                                                     is a fracture which 
could have been the result of a hunting injury. It is more than likely that 
                                                                     a pellet hit it there. 
Courtesy:  Mr. Sandy Hiltz

                                                                                    Sprain with bone movement, followed deformation. Berkshire County, 
                                                                                    Massachusetts,18 October 2013. Courtesy: Shaun O'Connell

Secondary feather with white spot right wing. Michel Gelinas


Michel Gelinas

A lot of white pigmentation on breast. Michel Gelinas


                                                                                                American woodcock with piebald-bellied, Nov 6, 2014 
                                                                                                In northern NY State.
Courtesy: Larry Giordano   

American woodcock with white pigmentation. October 22-1990

White woodcock

Courtesy: Mr.Louis Normand. QC

 October 8. 2006. Color seems to be all "bleached" out. Courtesy: Mr. Dennis Galau. Midland. MI,. USA


Oct. 16 2014 much lighter color that a normal bird. Courtesy: Mr. Dennis Galau. Midland. MI,. USA. 

                                                                                               Wild dominant with limited white dot and speckled type.  
                                                                                               Courtesy: Mike campbell Location: western NY  

Light colored woodcock. Courtesy: Dan McAuley. 

16th of Oct 2013. In NewBrunswick ,Canada. Unusual feathers   

                                                                           Both wings had these white feathers on them, and then on the back side of the neck.
                                                                           Courtesy: Jim Liddicoat from Northern Wisconsin.- September 23 2012

                                                                                                   Piebald woodcock. The bird was taken on 11/4/2011
                                                                                                   In central New York state. 
Courtesy: Dave Kain.  

   Light colored woodcock. Courtesy: Dean Fries MN.    

                                                                                          This bird was retrieved by one of my dogs in the spring of 2000. . 
                                                                                          It was found under power lines. We all know Scolopax Minor 
                                                                                          flies at low altitude in courtship. Her left wing was fractured. M. Gelinas


Michel Gelinas

                                                                                       It found this w/c under power lines.  Probably in courtship this w/c.
                                                                                       He was not looking where he was flying. M.Gelinas

Woodcock  unicorn. Courtesy: Denis Lefrançois. Quebec, Canada    

The beak would not meet at the distal end. Courtesy: Mickey Finn. Michigan. 


I was certainly surprised to find the shot lodged in the bird's beak.There was no indication of it from the outside and the beak seemed to close completely. Perhaps the soft lead wore with time and allowed for that.  Courtesy: Jamie Lank from Nova Scotia

                                                                                            Michel Gelinas                                   Courtesy:: Mr. Kelly Michigan
                                                                           These two pics are similar and particular. They both have a pieces of wood stuck 
                                                                           in their breast to which I have no explanations. These two birds could fly no problem. 


European woodcock - Scolopax Rusticola

                                                                                               This picture shows an anomaly on a European woodcock 
                                                                                               having injury on top of her superior mandible.

Leg anomaly. Courtesy: Jeannot Brosset, Dordogne.

                                                                                                     Side view.                                                    Underside views.
                                                                                   It may have been caused by shot? Courtesy: Gérard Souche. France

                                                    This bird had a foot fracture at one time. The bones fused side by side, which gives it a position to the inside. 
                                                    The middle finger of the right foot also endured an injury from a pellet. Courtesy: JEAN RENE

Supernumerary spur. Courtesy: Jfuente Spain.  

Phalanx amputated by a shot? Courtesy: Sébastien GUILLEMOT:  

Owner picture unknown.

Problem of central-finger, I have no explanation?  Courtesy: Pat 64 

Fingers are curled up. Photos The Woodcock Network. 

 Atrophied phalanxes. Courtesy: David.

 Atrophied phalanxes. Courtesy: Jake. From Brittany.

Leg cut by a shot? Become fused. 

Courtesy: Lolonne (Brittany) France  

Courtesy:  eb70  

                                               Weither on a American or Europeen woodcock, both have a very particular feather which is call the "Painter's Feather"
                                               On this picture, there is something wrong as there is two painter's feather. The painter's feather is called as such 
                                               because in the olden days in Europe, this feather was used to make fine touches on painting canvases. 
                                               On the American woodcock, this feather is smaller than its Europeen counterpart and doesn't have the same length 
                                               nor the same rigidity.Courtesy: scolopax

One-legged cut by a shot?

                                                                  Right leg: Fracture and partial amputation of the N _ 2 finger.  The crusting would indicate 
                                                                  that the wound is somewhat recent, 8 to 15 days.
Left leg: Notice the important swelling 
                                                                  at the N_2 and N_4 fingers. 
The picture speaks for itself, the tarso-phalangeal joints were 
                                                                  obviously hit by pellets, causing one or multiple fractures to occur on the fingers

 Central finger deformed. It may have been caused by shot? 
Courtesy: Cyrille Reneleau Cyrille. France

An anterior wound located on the beak, probably caused by shotgun pellets. 


                 Prognathism of lower mandible                   Prognathism of  uper mandible  

                      Europeen woodcock call Isabelle. Courtesy: Vicky 29 (Brittany) France.                 

                                                                                 1                                                                                  2

                                                     Left wing had the 3 outermost primaries pure white and only 2 on the right side. The pins were white as were 
                                                     a slightly different no. of covert feathers at the roots of the primaries. More white on left than on right.




                                                                                 Plus white painter's feather.Courtesy: M. Cathal McNaughton from:Ireland   

Why Pie? Woodcock with white colour and white spot. This type of feathers is rarely in France. Courtesy: Serge Canadas

 Picture of a Leucistic woodcock shot in Northern Ireland. Courtesy: Roly Widowmaker.

                                                                                            This bird was taken in the community of Haute Marne(France). 
                                                                                            It had a wing shorter than the otherone. It had wing tip feathers 
                                                                                            missing on the left side, nevertheless, it was flying just fine. 
                                                                                            Courtesy: Philippe Raffy. France

                                                        The ''brevirost'' woodcock is a species mutation. This bird was taken in ''Landes'' on the 12 Dec 2004. 
                                                        It weighed 290 grammes. For a woodcock to be considered ''brevirost'', its beak has to be 50 mm long. 
                                                        Courtesy: Didier Batby. France.


Same woodcock two different colour on each wing. Courtesy: Philippe_Garlaschi 

European woodcock, several white feathers on primary left wing.

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